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Hi! I’m Devin and I work at Mozilla. I’m sensibly impulsive, consistently non-committal, and passionately impartial.

Are there new inventions?

Eliminate Distractions

Giving Thanks

Leaving your legacy

Do you ever wonder what it is you’re remembered for? What is the one thing people keep in mind after they first meet you? What do your close friends say about you? Any idea what your acquaintances from work and school really thought about you? I wonder about this stuff all the time.

Being Thankful

This week is one of vacation for some of us in the states. I have the entire week off to rest, relax, and think about what it is I’m thankful for. Naturally, I wanted to share some of the things I’ve been thankful for this year; without the following I wouldn’t be who I am nor where I am today.


I enjoy reading, it truly expands my knowledge base and introduces me to so many great new ideas. In turn, I enjoy sharing them and talking with others about them. But recently I’ve struggled to find time to read. As mentioned before, I manage my time pretty closely; I fill every hour of my schedule. Unfortunately, work and school take up nearly all of my time lately. When can I find time to read?

Bloggers make money?

How dare they! It’s true though. We all know the blogosphere is not just used to talk about our cats and day at the mall. Blogs are great ways to communicate. Executives can publish one post and have the entire world up-to-date, companies can talk to its current and potential customers, people can share their ideas and stories with friends and strangers alike. Blogs are powerful and extremely functional–people are catching on.

Gym Etiquette

Since everyone who reads this will likely be finding happiness at a gym now I think it’s only fair I prepare another etiquette guide for those of us new to athletic clubs, locker rooms, and gyms in general.

Exercise Equals Happiness

Did you know that exercising can make you a happier person? Well it certainly has in my case. See, at the beginning of the year I made some crazy resolutions; this was called my “Personal Improvement Project.” I started working out a few times a week (the goal was 3 times) and then in the summer I joined a big athletic club down the street (rated one of the best in Colorado) and now visit it usually 4 or 5 times a week.

Supernatural powers

I haven’t had time to check out the new hit show, Heroes, on NBC but I hear it’s pretty good. It’s a show about ordinary citizens that realize they have supernatural powers. Wow. Of course its a hit, X-Men was, too. Seriously, the Heroes blog doesn’t seem to appreciate people making the connection. If you ask me, the premise is identical. The reason people seem to enjoy this show a bit more is the overwhelming amounts of drama and lack of goofy superhero costumes. At least, that’s my guess.