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Hi! I’m Devin and I work at Mozilla. I’m sensibly impulsive, consistently non-committal, and passionately impartial.


David Cohen from pointed to a neat tool today. It’s called me.dium and it’s a browser tool that tracks your surfing behavior and helps you determine relevant sites near you. While browsing you have the option of viewing your me.dium map. This map shows sites “near” you in terms of relevancy. The relevancy is determined by a number of things based on users’ surfing patterns (and a slew of other things, I’m sure). For example, the Wall Street Journal yields the map shown here.

An extra hour

As you should have realized by now, today we (well, most of us) celebrated the wonderful thing called Daylight Saving Time. In short, we gained an extra hour today. I woke up at 11am which was really 10am. I used my extra hour to sleep today.

How to go phishing

Phishers aren’t stupid, they’ve got a pretty good thing going for them: free money. I think we’re all familiar with how phishing works. Someone sends out hundreds of thousands, if not millions of emails to people posing as a bank, eBay, PayPal, King of Zimbabwe, etc.

The Starfish and the Spider

So far I’m doing a horrible job of maintaining my ‘read a book each month’ resolution. So, in my attempt to catch up I recently started acquiring a bunch of books. The first being The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations by Ori Brafman and Rod Beckstrom (Amazon).

Miss Dewey Sucks

I want to talk about marketing production quality and how Miss Dewey lacks it. If you haven’t seen this site yet, it’s basically a search engine with a saucy librarian standing there being snarky and clever on occasion. If you don’t get around to typing in a search she’ll try to get your attention.

College Etiquette

I’ve been in college for two and a half years now and I’ve picked up on some things. Going to college at a huge, public university has been a great experience. Don’t like the kid you’re sitting next to today? That’s fine, there’s 398 more to pick from tomorrow. Looking to meet some new people? Good! You’ve got 30,000 to pick from!

9rules rocks

I had some free time today. Instead of a music video I did my own rap song in GarageBand. This song is dedicated to all those cool kids at 9rules. Enjoy.

Going Pink

While lots of people are changing a few lines of CSS I got up at 5:45am this morning to ‘Go Pink’ and help out. Denver hosts the largest Race for the Cure in the nation and I lent a hand this morning.

Five Tips for Interviewing

There was a time when I considered myself a pretty clever guy. I thought I had a lot of things figured out. Then last week came and went and I made the biggest oversight of my life: companies are already interviewing May 2007 graduates for full-time positions in September.

Blogging is Exciting

Exciting news for b5media and 9rules. I’ll be chastised for putting the two companies in the same sentence but that’s alright. b5media, one of my employers, raised $2 million in VC funding. 9rules, some of my best internet pals, has received some tasty cookies for all their great work. I don’t know which of these two rewards took more work…