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Hi! I’m Devin. I’m sensibly impulsive, consistently non-committal, and passionately impartial. I live in Denver, Colorado and I’m the CTO at ToMarket.

I Took Down Production

I took down production. I’m shocked but not surprised. I have a knack for touching things I shouldn’t. I’m also surprised how easy it was, given modern tooling.

I'm Going ToMarket

It’s been about a month since I started as CTO at ToMarket and I’m excited to share a bit more about the company and what I’ll be doing…

Where I've Been (at Work)

In March 2017 I joined Mozilla and proceeded to have a busy four years…

My Podcast Playlist

I’ve been a podcast listener since shortly after Apple introduced the concept (into iTunes late in 2005). I recently took stock of what I regularly listen to and found I subscribe to 27 podcasts…

Joining Mozilla

I’m excited to announce I’m joining Mozilla in April to help manage an engineering team!

My ThingMonk 2016 IoT lessons

After attending three days of Internet of Things (IoT) talks at ThingMonk 2016, and having never formally learned anything about IoT, I wanted to share some interesting tidbits and gems I heard at the conference…

What am I thankful for?

Rachel and I are “getting away” for the Thanksgiving holiday (and taking our first official vacation together in over a year).

Remembering Alex King

The following is the remembrance I shared with everyone at Alex’s Celebration of Life service (about his life in Denver) on October 8th, 2015.

The 2015 Monktoberfest

Last week I attended one of my favorite conferences: The Monktoberfest: the developer conference where social meets technology. This was the fifth year and I’ve attended all five. Hats off to my friends, the organizers, for keeping it consistently great.

Lessons learned moving away from home

Rachel and I packed up and spent six months in Portland, Maine this past fall and winter. In case you missed it: we had two opportunities to see a lot of the country we hadn’t before (driving out east and driving back home). We also made the most of a very snowy winter and kept running, skiing, and hiking.