Devin in front of waterfall in Iceland

I'm Devin Reams and I help with sales at GitHub. I'm sensibly impulsive, consistently non-committal, and passionately impartial.

Winter in Maine →

This winter, in Maine, we got about as much snow as Boston did. This led to plenty of shoveling, consecutive days spent only indoors, and some fun pictures around town.

Check out my photos from spending winter in Maine over at Exposure.

Photos from running around Portland, Maine →

Since we spent all fall and all winter in Portland, Maine, I came to learn how "a little weather" should never stop me from getting outside and being active.

We had a great time getting to know a new city and running a couple minutes a few times a week was one of the best ways to cover a lot of ground, intimately. Check out my photos from running around Portland over at Exposure.

Year in Review: 2014

When looking back on the past year I've realized what a fun, crazy, busy and privileged life I lead in 2014. I consider myself very lucky to have the experiences and opportunities I've had: I started working for GitHub, Rachel and I enjoyed some great trips together, and we temporarily moved across the country from Denver to Portland, Maine...

Graciasgiving →

Rachel's family offered to take everyone to Cancún for Thanksgiving. Check out some photos from our beach vacation in Mexico over at Exposure.

Photos from visiting Bog Brook Cove →

Having been in Maine for a couple weekends, we were really enjoying the amazing fall weather. It was still warm and the trees were beautiful.

We headed up towards Lubec to see an old family friend and stay with her at her family cabin on the coast. The amazing weather continued and we had a great time sitting out and watching the water, poking around Lubec and Campobello island, hiking, and visiting lighthouses.

We had an amazing weekend and continued the streak of great experiences during our adventure in Maine. Be sure to check out my photos from visiting Bog Brook Cove over at Exposure.

Photos from camping at Mount Blue State Park →

After we crossed the border into Maine we aimed towards Weld and Mount Blue State Park. The plan was to meet a group of friends at the park for a weekend of relaxing and camping.

We drove through the park and saw wild turkeys along with an amazing sunset from high on the hill.

The next morning we woke up to our private beach and acres of forest all to ourselves.

It was a beautiful location and a great way to kick-off our little adventure in Maine. Be sure to check out my photos from camping at Mount Blue State Park over at Exposure.

Photos from our road trip to Maine →

Our plan was to have a little "adventure" and move away from Denver for a little while. We planned a trip to Maine to coincide with The Monktoberfest, my must-attend conference for the last four years straight. Instead of flying, this time we'd pack up the car with whatever we could grab and stay in Portland for a while.

The first day, Tuesday, was tough. We started at 4 AM and made it to Chicago around 9 PM.

We took Wednesday off (of driving) to poke around and enjoy my birthday.

Thursday we drove all day to Niagara Falls and made it just before the sun set.

We made it through New York by lunch on Friday. By 6 PM we made it through Vermont, past New Hampshire and were parked at our camp site in Maine.

It was a lot of driving but also a lot of country I had never seen before. Be sure to check out my photos driving east to Maine over at Exposure.

Photos from Lake Powell →

As the summer started to come to an end, a group of us took advantage of a deal to rent a houseboat at Lake Powell for a few days.

We left in the afternoon on a Thursday, drove almost all the way to the Bullfrog Marina in Utah, spent the night in a motel, and then woke up early on Friday and checked out our boats.

We set out with no particular plan in mind on Friday. After taking a break to swim, we looked for a place to park the boat off in a canyon. From there we could take the motorboat out to do some tubing, fishing, and sight seeing.

We enjoyed afternoons of relaxing in floating rafts, enjoying some beverages, sliding off the slide, and soaking in some sun.

It was a nice "off the grid" weekend and great scenery as always (this was my third trip to Lake Powell). Be sure to Check out my photos from Lake Powell over at Exposure.

Photos from camping and hiking with llamas in Salida →

Rachel had accumulated some "dollars" at work through spot recognition and various awards. Those dollars could be exchanged for gift cards, products, and various experiences. So, naturally she picked the best experience these "dollars" could buy: a private half-day hike with llamas.

We drove out towards Chaffee County, Colorado which is known for its summer activities: whitewater rafting, hiking, fishing, camping. It's not known for llamas but it should be.

After spending the night freely camping on some public land we drove to meet our llama host and hike :walking: the day away. We enjoyed a beautiful leisurely walk through national land, stopped for a picnic lunch, and let the llamas carry everything the whole time. Check out my photos from our llama hike over at Exposure.

GitHub Flow Talk at Develop Denver

This past weekend I had the distinct pleasure of speaking at Develop Denver, a local conference for designers and developers in the community. If you're interested, I posted my slides on Speaker Deck.

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