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Hi! I'm Devin Reams and I help with sales operations at GitHub. I'm sensibly impulsive, consistently non-committal, and passionately impartial.

What am I thankful for?

Rachel and I are "getting away" for the Thanksgiving holiday (and taking our first official vacation together in over a year).

Remembering Alex King

The following is the rememberance I shared with everyone at Alex's Celebration of Life service (about his life in Denver) on October 8th, 2015.

The 2015 Monktoberfest

Last week I attended one of my favorite conferences: The Monktoberfest: the developer conference where social meets technology. This was the fifth year and I've attended all five. Hats off to my friends, the organizers, for keeping it consistently great.

Hiking to Mohawk Lake near Breckenridge

It had been a while since Rachel and I visited Breckenridge. Since we were in Maine for the winter we didn't spend any time in the mountains (of Colorado) skiing.

So, when we had a chance to take a long weekend up to Breck and do some hiking we took it! Our friends brought us on an awesome hike up to Mohawk Lake. The mining history and natural beauty in Summit County never gets old.

Check out my photos from hiking near Breckenridge over at Exposure.

Summer vacation in Maine

This summer we came back to visit Maine with Rachel's family. We spent time at a very nice house (big and usually for weddings) in Harpswell, spent a lot of timing driving around to nearby Brunswick, Bath, and Freeport.

And then Rachel and I spent an extra week, just us, visiting with friends down in Portland.

Check out my photos from our summer vacation in Maine over at Exposure.

Lessons learned moving away from home

Rachel and I packed up and spent six months in Portland, Maine this past fall and winter. In case you missed it: we had two opportunities to see a lot of the country we hadn't before (driving out east and driving back home). We also made the most of a very snowy winter and kept running, skiing, and hiking.

Driving home to Colorado from Maine

As Maine started to thaw out and the seven-foot snow pile melted down to three, Rachel and I packed our Prius :car: and aimed for Colorado.

Our fall and winter adventure was coming to an end but we still had one adventure left: driving cross country again. This time we opted to quickly see some different sights and new (to some of us) towns:

  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Washington D.C
  • Lexington and Louisville, KY
  • St. Louis, MO and
  • Kansas City, MO

Some highlights included:

  • seeing the historic Liberty Bell :bell:
  • eating authentic cheesesteaks at Jim's :hamburger:
  • running to (near, and not up, it's a long story..) the "Rocky Steps" :runner:
  • sipping some rare brews at Monk's Cafe :beer:
  • eating crab for lunch in Maryland :fish:
  • driving by the NSA headquarters :mag:
  • running around downtown Lexington and seeing the Mary-Todd Lincoln house :tophat:
  • driving (and tasting) our way through Bourbon County, Kentucky :cocktail:
  • visiting Churchill Downs :horse:
  • watching KU practice before the NCAA Championships started :basketball:
  • watching how bats are made at the Louisville Slugger Museum :baseball:
  • waving to the Gateway Arch as we drove past St. Louis :wave:
  • eating delicious BBQ in Kansas City :meat_on_bone:

We had a great time and made it back home to Denver in six (short?) days. Check out our photos from driving home across the country over at Exposure.

Winter in Maine

This winter, in Maine, we got about as much snow as Boston did. This led to plenty of shoveling, consecutive days spent only indoors, and some fun pictures around town.

Check out my photos from spending winter in Maine over at Exposure.

Photos from running around Portland, Maine

Since we spent all fall and all winter in Portland, Maine, I came to learn how "a little weather" should never stop me from getting outside and being active.

We had a great time getting to know a new city and running a couple minutes a few times a week was one of the best ways to cover a lot of ground, intimately. Check out my photos from running around Portland over at Exposure.

Year in Review: 2014

When looking back on the past year I've realized what a fun, crazy, busy and privileged life I lead in 2014. I consider myself very lucky to have the experiences and opportunities I've had: I started working for GitHub, Rachel and I enjoyed some great trips together, and we temporarily moved across the country from Denver to Portland, Maine...