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I’m doing a pub crawl home so I don’t die of hypothe…

I’m doing a pub crawl home so I don’t die of hypothermia. #Denver

Aereo headed to Denver (and 21 other cities) soon?

If you’ve not seen: Aereo is a new startup backed by Barry Diller to free the television airwaves and put them online. In short: they create a farm of television antennas, put them online, and then allow you to watch your broadcast television online.

It’s currently running in New York and has already met some legal challenges (incumbents certainly don’t like threats). Sign up online to get updates when it arrives in your city.

Great Divide tasting room donates $73,201

I remember years ago when the Great Divide tasting room was a small, cozy spot where you could wander in and sample three excellent beers for free. When they expanded the room (took out an entire wall) and started charging $1 per sample I thought the two events were related. From PJ over at Denver off the Wagon:

In the middle of 2011, Great Divide realized they had an interesting problem. People had learned that small samples of the beer were free, and on a Friday night would pour into the taproom, slam a flight of high octane brew, and wander off to other locations of lesser repute. Call them frugal or hyenas, these were not the patrons the brewery hoped would fill their bar stools on a Friday evening. But what could a fledgling, 17 year old brewery do? To charge for samples would be disingenuous to their fans, friends, and future followers. To keep them free would be to attract these hooligans of the night.

This is a great example of how putting up the right “barriers” can help improve your business (plus more excellent local writing from the folks over at DOTW).

Drive-Thru Invisible Driver

I love the reactions of these fast food “drive thru” window employees. I can’t stop laughing…

What have we learned from CES so far?

I think the list is short but these shouldn’t be surprises, right?

5 Myths of Having Full-Strength Beer in Colorado Grocery Stores

From Lindsey Dulin at Denver off the Wagon regarding “more distribution channels make it easier for new businesses to enter the craft beer industry”:

Once consumers spend their beer bucks at the supermarkets, mom-and-pop liquor stores will begin to vanish. According to the Denver Business Journal, a study conducted by Summit Economics, LLC declares that nearly half of Colorado liquor stores will close their doors within three years.

An interesting read based on the political and business landscape here in Colorado on the subject. Even more interesting, of course, is the conversation in the comments.

Having watched Beer Wars it makes me wonder if a good way to tackle the “crafty” brews (think Budweiser putting out a “seasonal” beer versus true “craft” brewers) is to give better ‘gateway’ beers to the general populace.

Yahoo! Terms of Service

Don’t worry, Instagram users: I just read Flickr’s terms of service agreement and it checks out OK. (Reminder: I’m not your lawyer)

Cee-Lo Green and The Muppets perform “All I Need Is Love”

What happens when you combine the popular “Mahna Mahna” tune from The Muppets and Cee Lo Green’s spin on Christmas music? Well, probably the most catchy holiday song of 2012. This recent reboot of The Muppets appears to have gone really well.

Tanlines – Not The Same

Here’s a fun music video with a large cast of characters (played by just the two). Fun fact: half of Tanlines is Joshua Topolsky’s (of The Verge) brother.

Summit To Buy Powder Mountain To Create Entrepreneur Community

From Forbes: