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Hi! I’m Devin and I work at Smartsheet. I’m sensibly impulsive, consistently non-committal, and passionately impartial.

Hacker News Poll: Do you select text while reading?

I found a poll over at Hacker News via John Siracusa:

Not Shaking Hands

David Cohen has a good observation about shaking hands:

Tech really is the new Hollywood…in all the worst ways

Here’s a great article on the shift in technology popularity and values from Francisco Dao at PandoDaily:

New podcast: DecodeDC with Andrea Seabrook

DecodeDC is my favorite new podcast and, appropriately enough, its all about politics. Self described as “deciphering Washington’s language and procedure so you can focus on what matters”, Andrea Seabrook has done a great job with the first four episodes diving in and pulling back the curtain on a lot of the status quo in Washington that the mainstream may not address (and fringe groups wouldn’t have access to, Seabrook was previously with NPR). If the last few months (or last night) sparked your interest in politics, I’d recommend checking out DecodeDC.

Is a consultancy also a startup?

In honor of Denver Startup Week, I’d like to try to answer a question we’ve thought about at Crowd Favorite: are we a startup?

Take good care of your house with BrightNest

Rachel and I have been living in our house for almost two years now. Last year I found a neat little online startup (out of Denver, I later learned) called BrightNest that helps us take care of all the chores and things we never quite knew we should do (plus the ones we did) around here.

Troubleshooting WordPress flowchart

Here’s a handy flow chart that we mentally work through at least once a month ourselves (or with a client). I’m saving this here for posterity. (via @scribu)

Mitt Romney thinks you need to take responsibility for your life

Squashed takes a quick look at the math around paying income taxes:

Caine’s Arcade Goes Global

A great follow-up to a great story. Plus, cameo by NASA!

Why I’m not a founder

Ben Bleikamp, a designer with a very respectable and enviable design career: