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Hi! I’m Devin and I work at Mozilla. I’m sensibly impulsive, consistently non-committal, and passionately impartial.

YouTube Sucks

I wanted to get some information on Tourgasm, Dane Cook’s cleverly named comedy tour. When I visited the official website I was greeted with “The official trailer for the brand new HBO Comedy Documentary Series – Tourgasm!” When you hit Play you’re told the video has been removed for, get this, copyright infringement! YouTube, you piece of shit. You removed the official trailier. Look at all these bootleg videos! I’m sorry but I had to go to MySpace to watch the trailers. You know you’re done when MySpace does better than you…

I’m listed on Click here and help me stay there. I love being popular. PS: Guys, when you click you’ll see a decent cleavage shot. In reality it’s a guy’s ass cheeks.. no, seriously.

MySpace Blocks Creepy Adults

MySpace is stupid as hell: “MySpace users who are 18 or over could no longer request to be on a 14- or 15-year-old’s friends’ list” (Link). Oh yeah, all those creepy adults can only see partial profiles, now. Mission accomplished, guys. Are you kidding me?! On a website where people are aged 69, 123, 184, and 92 how the fuck was a users ‘age’ determined as the best deterrent? Go look at my profile, I’m suddenly a 14-year old in 30 seconds.

Subscribe to Comments

I’ve added the Subscribe To Comments plugin. If you leave a comment you can be notified by email of any follow-ups. So, what are you waiting for? Comment!

RSS File Extension

There has always been a bit of talk on RSS and whether or not it will be widely accepted. Many people suggest that ‘RSS’ doesn’t seem to flow off the tongue too easily. Why not, though? I don’t think we’re giving people much credit. People can be taught anything. Heck, we’re all still typing www. aren’t we? Does anyone know why? Additionally, I hear people instruct me to visit an .html page all the time. Do they know what HTML means? Most likely not. Do they know what .html pages are? Of course they do. That’s all they need to know.

Farecast Invitations

Anyone interested in testing out Farecast? It’s a very nice (beautiful, functional) website to help predict and find the best fares based on price histories. Right now it only serves Seattle/Boston markets but it’s great to play around with. I have a bunch of invites; just leave a comment.

Who’s Your Daddy?

In light of Father’s Day I figured I’d quickly dedicate a post to my father. Noah always has the good ideas.

Quick Updates

Vacation was great, I got lots of naps. Road trips are cool like that. Plus, it got me away from the record heat here in Colorado (something like 95+ for the last few days). Anyway, I had plenty of time to do some thinking and sort out my thoughts. Once I got back I started calling all kinds of people and started working on some projects:

Death Forecast

According to the Death Forecast I’m going to die at a ripe old age of 74. Gee only 55 years left. Then again, I could get hit by a bus this afternoon. I don’t even know why I did this survey… I should live as if tomorrow were the last day. Hmm…

Vacation Time

I hate to do this but I haven’t had time to write up any drafted posts… or any posts for that matter. This week has been crunch time in many areas and tomorrow I’ll be leaving for a week and a half. So, I’ll be back on the 12th and resume blogging with some (hopefully) great stuff.