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Hi! I’m Devin and I work at Smartsheet. I’m sensibly impulsive, consistently non-committal, and passionately impartial.

Moola Invites

I have two invites to a very cool website. It’s called Moola and it’s very simple: you get a penny (real money) to play against someone else with a penny. The winner of the game wins the other person’s money. So, if you win 30 games in a row (.01, .02, .04, .08…) you can win over $10,000,000. You can cash out at any time, too. All you do is watch a quick ad, answer a question (to prove you saw it) and then play! So, the first two people to comment will receive an invitation. Only smart people can apply though, I want you guys winning me some money (referral bonus)!

Media Relations

If you’re still not sure about the power of bloggers please familiarize yourself with this Apple court decision. Then take a look at this question from a recent acquisition FAQ:

X-Men 3 Review

Not too shabby. The acting was a bit corny. I realize this movie has to cater to the lowest common denomenator. You really didn’t have to think much, it was all handed to you on a platter. Not only do they hint at something once, but they make sure to revisit it later in case you forgot… or were asleep the first time.

Blogging With Word 2007

I think this is one of the more excitingly useful features. At first I was like,

Office Activation Number

If you’re trying to activate your copy of Office 2003 by phone don’t try the 509 number. It’s since been disconnected. I don’t know anyone who would go for a long-distance number but I figured, hey, maybe I’ll get faster service than if I called the toll-free. How quickly I learned…

Office 2007 Beta Review

Office 2007 Todo Three words: it doesn’t print.

Office 2007 Beta Available

Quick! Go download the Office 2007 beta. You can test every Office product. Personally, I’m just downloading Office Professional Plus and Visio for work. Naturally I’ll try everything (especially OneNote) at home tonight. So far it has a user-friendly application called ‘SmartSource’ which gives you everything you need to know (including the product key). I haven’t had time to test much lately (I expect Vista Beta 2 in the mail soon). Anyway, why are you reading this? Go download. (Source)

Becoming Indispensable

The following are some ways to “become indispensable” according to Dr. Wayne Boss and myself. These concepts were collected by him and later recalled by yours truly. If you classify yourself as an entrepreneur you might (read: will definitely) disagree with many of these points.

Cool Headline of the Day

Senate says English is national, unifying tongue
The Senate agreed on Thursday to make English the national language of the United States and moments later also adopted a milder alternative calling English the country’s “unifying language.” (Source)

Grade Report

I like to play with numbers. Good thing I switched my major to Accounting, right? In any case, what’s one of the most important numbers to any student? That’s right: their GPA.