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Managing Up, Down, and Sideways by Breandán Knowlton

From the Digital PM Summit, exploring four relational models to help resolve conflict, smooth a discussion, or help with negotiation.

Virgin America Safety (Music) Video

I love everything about this music video and overall campaign for Virgin America’s safety video. The self-awareness (“for the .001% of you who have never operated a seatbelt before…”), catchiness, and entertainment value is not hard to produce but is a much more enjoyable (required) experience. My guess is other airlines aren’t doing something like this for two reasons: 1) safety is a priority and should not be relegated to a side show, and 2) it’s not the way it’s been done before.

This whole thing makes me step back and wonder why the safety and instructional videos are shown (or demonstrated) in-flight and not something all fliers should pre-qualify for1 — like a drivers license test — before getting on a plane.

  1. I believe Bruce Schneier or someone similar proposed this when discussing security, TSA, flying, etc. 

Content Before Design: a shift in how to manage web projects

We may already realize its easier to create a design once you know what will be presented. Trying to answer “how?” before “what?” can lead to costly errors and rework as presented at the Digital PM Summit.

Reviewing the “Design Process” for Project Managers

If you’re a project manager or support those that design websites, you may know the process. But, this refresher, presented at the Digital PM Summit, helps cement what you need to know.

Breckenridge Craft Spirits Festival

I continue to contribute guest posts over at the Breck Connection blog and my latest is about the upcoming Craft Spirits Festival to be held in Breckenridge next weekend. Go check it out!

I’m bummed that I can’t make it myself (I’ll be in Maine at Monktoberfest, so, I still win) but would encourage anyone interested in imbibing to check it out.

Passion Projects Viewing Party at Crowd Favorite this Thursday

Denver friends, you’re cordially invited to a viewing party at the Crowd Favorite offices this Thursday. The excellent Passion Projects talk series presented by GitHub (to surface and celebrate women in technology) will be live-streamed.

Hurry and register now to watch Leslie Bradshaw’s talk. It should be excellent but we have limited space available.

Three things taught incorrectly in business school

Its interesting to look back at some of my underlying assumptions and teachings from college. I found three themes that I disagree with more and more lately.

“Play your own game” by the Delighted team

This is the concise series of points I wish one of my drafts had become (after chatting with and listening to folks from “competing” firms such as Voce Platforms, 10up, WebDevStudios, and others):

There’s no limit on the number of companies that can be successful, because there isn’t a universal definition of success. Some companies strive for the lowest prices, others to provide the most jobs, some to be the most efficient, and some strive for the highest possible quality. There are endless possible combinations. And that is a great thing to be celebrated.

Well said. The entire thing is a great read.

My Biggest Take-Aways from WordCamp San Francisco 2013

Git is coming to WordPress (or is it vice versa?), the project is maturing, bad practices should no longer be tolerated, and project management is hard.

Second Wedding Anniversary

Time flies. It’s already been two years since Rachel and I tied the knot.