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I’m Devin Reams and I help with sales and business operations at GitHub. I’m sensibly impulsive, consistently non-committal, and passionately impartial.

GitHub Flow Talk at Develop Denver

This past weekend I had the distinct pleasure of speaking at Develop Denver, a local conference for designers and developers in the community.

I talked a bit about: GitHub the product and its philosophies, @GitHub the company, and the GitHub Flow. I tried to weave all three together to show how we (and others) use GitHub to work better, together.

I’ve posted my slides at Speaker Deck in case you’re interested in learning a bit about GitHub along with some tips (and “new hotness”) you may not already be aware of.

Photos from GitHub Summit in Whistler

Two weeks ago nearly all GitHub :octocat: employees arrived in Whistler just a couple of hours outside of Vancouver. :maple_leaf:

We had an all-hands company retreat which included talks, meals, activities, and all kinds of fun. :dancer:

I posted some photos from the top of Whistler, a floatplane flight, and white rater rafting over at Exposure.

Photos from Chihuly at Denver Botanic Gardens

I visited the Denver Botanic Gardens, nearly three years after Rachel and I were married there, with her family to see the Chihuly art exhibit.

The glass art and sculptures were well adapted to their environments and a beautiful addition to the gardens.

Check out my photos over at Exposure.

Chapter 2: Joining GitHub

Six months ago I joined the impressive team at GitHub. Since I haven’t publicly shared much about my experiences yet I wanted to take the opportunity to reflect on my latest chapter.

Expressions That I Hope Disappear

I’ve recently realized two seemingly harmless expressions may unintentionally continue to shape our thoughts to disenfranchise great groups of individuals.

Photos from camping and hiking at Surprise Lake

The weekend after our summer road trip we headed up towards Silverthorne with a big group of friends to do some camping and get a nice day of hiking in.

We ended up at the Green Mountain Reservoir and hiked up to Surprise Lake. It was a great trip and a fun reminder of how lucky we are to live in Colorado.

Check out the photos and stories from our camping and hiking trip over at Exposure.

Photos from our summer road trip

This past week Rachel and I took off on a little vacation. We drove our new Prius (averaged 47 MPG!) through Wyoming, South Dakota, into Iowa, and back through Nebraska to Colorado.

Along the way we saw sights (Mount Rushmore!) and camped out (at the Little House on the Prairie homestead!) and had a great time.

Check out the photos and stories from our summer road trip over at Exposure.

Photos from Tokyo, Japan

I had the privilege of visiting Tokyo :japan: last week. The week before the GitHub Kaigi conference, @dsorkin, @dice and I visited with GitHub customers in the Tokyo area to gather feedback, answer questions, and share some future plans. In addition to the conference and meetings, we co-hosted a meetup on Wednesday and another on Friday.

I’ve shared some photos highlighting a few themes from the trip: the city, its lights, and its food.

I also created a “top picks” list on foursquare and a quick video showing how Genki Sushi works.

どうもありがとう :ramen: :tokyo_tower: :sushi:

My First Pull Request

The Pull Request is arguably one of the most powerful features of GitHub. It has changed the way both individuals contribute to open source projects and how organizations build better software together.

This weekend @andrew and @briannelson created a single-serving site, First Pull Request, which shows you, well, your first Pull Request on

Nearly everyone who I know and searched for has had a fairly substantial, though humerous (in hindsight) request to someone else’s open source project.

Mine, on the other hand is fairly funny and extremely telling:

  1. It’s changes one line of code,
  2. for a client’s website as part of a paid engagement,
  3. …and it was missing a closing HTML tag.

Unfortuately, three years later, the sophisticated nature and technical accuracy of my Pull Requests are unchanged. Luckily, now I’m simply submitting requests internally and not to any customers. :wink:

GitHub Kaigi! See you in Japan!

A group of GitHubbers :octocat:, self included, are headed to Japan :jp: for GitHub Kaigi, a conference organized by the GitHub User Group. This will be my first conference as a GitHubber and I’m excited for the opportunity to meet so many GitHub users and enthusiasts next weekend.

I fly :airplane: out tomorrow morning and arrive in Tokyo on Sunday. @dsorkin, @dice and I will spend next week — before the conference — meeting with GitHub Enterprise customers, gathering feedback, and saying “thanks” as much as we can.

I’ve never visited Japan :japan: before and I’m excited to see Tokyo. I’ll be sure to bring back lot of photos. Is there anything you think I should try to see?

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