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Hi! I’m Devin and I work at Smartsheet. I’m sensibly impulsive, consistently non-committal, and passionately impartial.

Colorado Weather

I woke up yesterday and it was 50 degrees. This whole week’s average has has been barely more than 60. When I wake up it’s typically the coldest part of the day (around 10-20 degrees). But 50 degrees at 7:00 in the morning?! Noon rolled around and the clouds settled, wind raced down the hills… it started to get downright nasty! Clear blue sky by 2:00p. Then, I look out my window around 11:00p to find three inches of snow. The temperature is now 18. This is a typical day in Colorado…

Blogging BzzAgent

Seth points to the 90 Days of BzzAgent blog. I’m **very **glad to see this. I had emailed Dave last year suggesting he harness the power of blogs (the BeeLog sucked). Heck, searching for ‘balter grapevine’ turned up BusinessBits as the first result for quite some time. In any case, this is how Dave Balter described the 90 days blog in his email to John: *“It’s like a reality show.

Typing to Recharge

A friend asked me a great question about laptops today: why not have the typing action recharge the battery? Hmmm, yeah! Why not?!

Switch to Yahoo!?

Yahoo’s incentives to switch suck (for a few reasons). First, I don’t see a single thing that interests me. If Yahoo paid me, I’d gladly switch over and use it (exclusively). I doubt that will happen but hey, I love to complain/rave about anything and everything. Wait, here’s an idea: make your stuff work better than the other guys. How is it easier to spend money on consumers rather than the product? This old quote is straight from the Yahoo BlogThis commitment to being the best should be crystal clear from our investments in talented people, research, innovation and new products“. Where do the incentives fit in that list of investments?

Vonage IPO

Hmm, this is neat to see, Vonage filed for an IPO today and expects to sell $250 million in stock. You can’t spell VOIP without IPO, right?

MySpace Ads Suck

I was running some numbers today because, well, I hate myspace. Usually I can handle people’s unique background images and their silly javascript cursors but I hate the crammed, ad-filled look.

Google Ads in Print

Wow, print media isn’t entirely dead but I was definitely convinced that advertising in it was (what are Seth Godin’s thoughts?). Google certainly changed some things today. I had recommended people to steer clear of print advertising but, hey, I apologize: I was wrong. I’m excited to turn around and recommend print advertising at work tomorrow!

Dissecting Gmail

It’s investigative journalism like this that pleases me. Not repetitive nonsense like my website offers. In any case, Garett Rogers at ZDNet thinks GMail may be planning on domain control, maybe even corporate email service?

Facebook Fun

Another day, another post about Facebook. I was wandering around today and found a few interesting things. First, this site looks familiar. Second, if you login and try to open blast.php you get redirected back to the home page. What does that mean? Well, pages that don’t exist will give you a 404; this page actually loads something. Something called a ‘blast’ is coming soon…

Dealing With Stress

I?ve been reading a bunch on stress (given I’m a workaholic) and I’ve done some thinking: I rarely ever feel stressed so I never have to deal with it. I’ve never understood why this is, though. Maybe I?m stress proof, maybe it?s how I live my life? My question to you is: