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Hi! I’m Devin and I work at Smartsheet. I’m sensibly impulsive, consistently non-committal, and passionately impartial.

Olympic Girls

This may just be the Valentine’s Day talking but is it me or does the United States have some of the prettiest competitors in the world? It’s that ‘girl-next-door’ mixed with the ‘best-on-the-planet’ look that really struck me today… and if you’re wondering, I plan on eating ice cream and watching The Notebook alone tomorrow night.

MSN Search and Win

Yahoo has a lot to learn, I have a feeling the new MSN Search and Win campaign will gather a lot more response. If not, that’s fine, it just helps both Nathan’s odds and mine. I’ve already changed my Firefox search engine from Google to MSN…

Is college worth it?

Ben asked and answered the question, Chris added his two cents, now it’s my turn: Is college really necessary?

3D Marketing

Sure, Target puts a few red targets on their roofs and gets a little buzz. But, what if they somehow incorporated this 3D awesomeness into their stores? Who says marketing can’t be fun?

Sunday Fun

Monday is near. I found this video and it reminded me that college isn’t so bad. You get to find some real talent. Anyway, you’ll probably enjoy the video. Deep down I, too, am a white kid with a guitar singing a collection of rap songs. Personally, I would’ve thrown some Sean Paul in…

Live vs Google Domains

Scoble is upset because people are talking more about Google than Microsoft. Nathan is also expressing his concern.

Tip: Get Less Junk Mail

Sick of getting credit offers that you never initiated? I get at least 3 credit-card offers each week. There’s an easy way to stop these:

Traffic Graphs

Seth almost tricked me. The site he’s referring to is Wikipedia (notably almost identical to MySpace). Click here for the graph.

Gmail for College

Looks like Garett was right!

Dealing With Stress: Proactive

When you look at stress in the long-run you’re no longer ‘dealing’ with it but merely ‘managing’ it. If you’re prepared to become stressed then you won’t be shocked when it hits. These are some thoughts I’ve compiled: