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Boomer Exercise

For those of you looking for a new career look no furthur than sports medicine. It seems that the boomer generation has started to wear their own bodies down through exercise. Although exercise has become popularized and even touted for disease prevention a lot of people are now going in for all kinds of replacements. From the NYT: As McGowan said, “I might be pushing it, but if I’m going to have a health issue, I’d rather it be orthopedic in nature than cardiac.”


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Carnival of Marketing #23

This week I’m hosting the Carnival of Marketing and I’ve got 7 great articles to share with you. Enjoy!

Exxon Executive Pay

Lee R. Raymond made roughly $144,573 per day between 1993 to 2005 at Exxon. If I made 1/1000th that right now I’d be pretty pleased.

yopos open to the public

I’ve decided to open up the yopos network (young professionals) to applicants. Originally we were an invitation-only group with big ideas. I decided we’d get more out of yopos if it became a community. More details are on the blog.


If you are with me, pass this along to two friends that aren?t usually included in memes either.

Google Calendar, Act I of I

I wrote a play to spite Mr. Veloso (“…Then you come up with a play.”), I hope he hates it. That jerk.

Political Quiz

If you haven’t seen this political quiz yet I think you should give it a try. Put simply, 5 personal questions and 5 economic questions can determine your political orientation. Though, it’s not merely determining Red State/Blue State as many would love to think.

First Glance: Google Calendar

I saw the WSJ mention ‘Google’ and ‘Calendar’ in the same headline so I quickly ran to InsideGoogle. Yes! Solution Watch has a nice review too.

Carnival of Marketing

I apologize for my absence. I was gone for 4 days, had work, school (midterm, presentation), and tonight I had a concert. In short, I’ve been oh-so-busy lately.