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Hi! I’m Devin and I work at Smartsheet. I’m sensibly impulsive, consistently non-committal, and passionately impartial.

Web2.0 Partner Needed

Are you a entreprenurial web developer? If so, Brian Balfour is looking for a partner. Check the listing at

Skype is Fun!

I haven’t been a big Skype user. Frankly, becuase nobody I typically socialize with has even heard of it. But, a select few have ‘converted’ and I’ve been playing with it more. Jeremy was the one I was primarily using it with but now I’ve got a reason to use it more: SkypeOut and SkypeIn.


Quote of the Day:

Gaining Life Experience

I’m a firm believer that college is only half (if even that) of one’s education. For example, my new job has taught me more about (Access) databases in one day then I’ve learned all semester in class (no offense). Plus, I can tell you more about the telcom industry than you’d ever care to know. Welcome to day two.


Quote of the Day:

New Job

I started my new (corporate) job today. Very fun, challenging, and exciting. Magnetic access badge and all…

China Harvesting Organs

Do dead bodies have human rights? Apparently so. Personally, I think extra organs is a great thing for everyone. I don’t agree with the Chinese making a substantial profit off of someone else’s organs… but should they be collected? Of course.

WSJ Punny?

Is the WSJ trying to be punny? (Wendy’s Chief Quits in Shake-Up) I guess ‘Frosty-Up’ didn’t roll off the tongue as nicely…

Google’s Da Vinci Code Quest

I remember reading about Google’s Da Vinci Code Quest. It’s a pretty good puzzle today (1 of 24 complete!) and I think it’s helped me with my Soduku skills… or vice versa. In any case, someone needs to make sure I don’t forget this every day.

Free Denver Wi-Fi

From The Downtown Denver Partnership introduced free wireless Internet access along the 16th St. Mall Monday … The partnership said the downtown Wi-Fi project was among the first in the country to provide larger-scale free public Internet access.