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Hi! I’m Devin and I work at Smartsheet. I’m sensibly impulsive, consistently non-committal, and passionately impartial.

How to work and study efficiently

This week is the perfect storm. Apparently professors are very good at taking the number of weeks in a semester and dividing by three because they all decided this was the week. My projects, presentations, papers and exams won’t catch me off-guard though; I saw them coming thanks to some foresight (a calendar).


The Oreo CEO himself has tagged me with a meme. I like this one because you can tell a lot by a person’s music.

External Stuff

Not everything I do online ends up here on my blog so I figured I’d point to an article I wrote on Women and Minority Entrepreneurs, resting on your laurels, priorities, and whether entrepreneurship can be taught. Additionally I’ve started a project documenting myself on video every day for 60 seconds. I’m on day five over at Mind Averse.


Haha, Branden and I were on zefrank’s “the show” today. Sigh.. now I have to come up with a Power Move.

Time Management

I’ve been asked how I keep my busy life on track. Honestly, it’s become second nature and don’t put much thought into it. But, now that I sit here I realize there are some tips I can share to hopefully keep you organized. But, first things first:

The Big Two-Oh

This article may be misleading, when I talk about two-oh I don’t mean (Web) 2.0, I mean twenty, my age as of today. It’s a nice round number but that’s about all this birthday has going for it. Honestly, I can see why people stop looking forward to their birthdays as life goes on.

Lower Gas Prices

Disclaimer: I actually dreamt this blog entry. The concept and the act of writing it. It was weird. Gas is coming back down! Neat. The cheapest gas I ever find is at Safeway. I paid $2.81 last week and it’s $2.60 this week. Wow, that’s such a remarkable difference. So? We look at gas prices move up and down and we feel like we’re beating “the man” if we go find the cheapest gas station n the metro area. But think about it. For simplicity sake, 20 cents saved on a 10-gallon tank means I paid two dollars less to fill up my car. Hooray! Wait, two bucks? And this is an extreme example; I doubt you’ll find better savings more than occasionally. So why do we still comparison-shop for gas? Spending the time and energy driving to the cheaper station now seems irrational. Economically speaking, if my time is worth $15/hour and I spend more than an extra three minutes going to a cheaper station I just cost myself more than I saved. Hmm, thank goodness Safeway is just across the street…

Facebook Friend Game

Hey Facebook fans, are you really friends with your “friends”? If not why the heck do you have them listed as one? In any case, test your true friend knowledge with the Facebook Friend Game. Found under ‘My Friends’ as a tab at the top. I’m kinda bad at this!

Amazon and iTunes Change Nothing

Many conversations with my Dad prompt some interesting thought and topical discussion so I figured I’d elaborate and share my thoughts here. He emailed me earlier this week pointing to the new Amazon service, Unbox. Additionally, he linked to the iTunes movie store. Does this mean the end of Blockbuster?

Internet Realism

I’d like to quickly talk about the idealization going on with the internet. These last few days (or maybe a week or two?) away from my own website have helped me realize something oh-so important…