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Hi! I’m Devin and I work at Smartsheet. I’m sensibly impulsive, consistently non-committal, and passionately impartial.

Connect and reconnect with professors

One of the most overlooked resources at Universities would easily be the professors. Sure, my evidence may be anecdotal but I have a sneeky suspicion that many students forgot how awesome professors can be. For starters, they

Everything is relative.

Everything is relative. I’ve been conducting an informal survey for a little while now: when I ask for ‘lots and lots of ketchup’ at the Chik-Fil-A drive-through I will receive either a) lots and lots of ketchup or b) three or four packets. The determining factor: how busy the Chik-Fil-A is. Something tells me if you work there and you hand out a dozen packets to a dozen cars in 5 minutes in a row you seem like you’re giving away too much. But, give away a dozen packets to a dozen cars in 30 minutes and you’re doing what you’re supposed to. (I think I’ll start saying ‘fill the bag with ketchup’.) is live!

If you’re looking for an awesome online personal finance tracker (but super-cool-web2.0-save-you-money style) then go visit my amigos at They went live today and their product is so simple and powerful. Go now.

Do you whiten your teeth?

As a BzzAgent I’ve been trying some dissolvable whitening strips for a bit. Do they really work? I can’t tell yet. But, I’m curious if you guys have any personal experiences with whitening products (mouthwaste, toothpaste, gum?) and what you’ve done.

Do you hate driving?

I hate driving… in rush hour traffic. I’ve toyed with leaving early, leaving late–to no avail. Unless you’re an hour and a half ahead of the pack you won’t get anywhere in Denver. My 50 mile drive turned into an 90 minute sit-and-stare fest. That’s one reason I just leased a new car.

Community Next Platform

The premier event on social network Platforms and APIs is here. Over 300 entrepreneurs, developers, and marketers unite for a 2-day deep dive featuring dozens of speakers and developers, from October 5-6th. Special guests include developers of top 100 Facebook applications they are flying in from all over the country. Click here to get the details (and the discount).

Keeping in touch isn’t easy

Keeping in touch isn’t easy sometimes. These days with hundreds of Facebook, MySpace, and Linkedin friends it can be overwhelming and even paralyzing to try and be a good friend to everyone. I’m sure we all have our close groups of friends: the ones we go out with, call occasionally, see on the weekends. But what about everyone else? I have my own method of keeping in touch…

Nordstrom got it right

Nordstrom got it right tonight when I brought in a pair of pants to be altered. I had bought the pair across the street at Nordstrom Rack and the guy told me they usually charge for the alteration. No worries! But, once the measurements were taken he said ‘hey, no charge’. So, I walked from Men’s Clothing to Men’s shoes and spent a few bucks.

On Being Social

In the last few months I’ve become close friends with some people very quickly. At first it seems odd that you can connect so quickly and be so comfortable with people; I’ve learned the trick! Become well versed in the following: sports, music, and movies (not TV shows, there are just too many). You can always start a (recent, topical) conversation and carry it into other interests.

I survived the quake

I survived the quake in LA last night. I was lying in bed and around 1:00am I took off my headphones; something weird happened to my bed. I couldn’t explain it but I remember my room making a loud creak and pop a few minutes later. Fun!