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Hi! I’m Devin and I work at Smartsheet. I’m sensibly impulsive, consistently non-committal, and passionately impartial.

Unfair, unethical World Series ticket sales

I have a huge issue with how tickets were sold here on Monday/Tuesday to the World Series games in Denver. My biggest issue is with the lying, unfair company behind the online ticket sales, Paciolan Inc.

Accomplish anything you want: pick 5 priorities

I keep telling people that my generation (Gen-Y, Millenials) are going to be one where prioritization becomes more important than ever. With the internet alone we have unlimited resources to do, learn, and be interested by nearly everything the world has to offer. But, as I’ve always believed: just because you’re capable of doing anything, doesn’t mean you should want, nor attempt to do everything.

Do you have a multi-threaded mind?

As I sit here and write this I’m also listening to music and following along with it. I’m sure we all do it, this is no amazing feat. To some people the additional input forces you to focus. For others, it’s distracting. For me, I feel like I can pay attention to what I’m doing and the music simultaneously.

The Accident Tent

I will buy a burrito to anyone who helps me build “The Accident Tent.” Tow trucks and local and highway law enforcement will carry them in the trunk. As soon as they arrive at an accident and move it out of traffic they pop out this all-encompassing tent surrounding everything and everyone so that it a) gives the victims some privacy and b) keeps people from looking, stopping, staring, wondering, etc. I imagine it saying “keep driving, morons!” across the side.

Takeaways from Community Next

This weekend was the third iteration of Community Next and it was focused on developing for platforms (in other words: how to make money off of Facebook). I’ve been tossing around some ideas myself and only needed to listen to one or two panels to determine following:

Facebook Postulate #2

More active users attract more money (pageviews, clicks) via their news feed activity. In other words, if they show up in my feed and I click to see, we just helped Facebook earn money.

Haunted libraries really exist?

Haunted libraries really exist? According to George Eberhart at the Britannica blogs, there are a number of haunted libraries throughout the country. I asked 9rules and am curious: why do you think libraries are often portrayed as haunted, and do people still visit libraries?

Pink for October…

Pink for October is the one of the best, nerdiest ways to show your support for breast cancer awareness. Last October a pal of mine created the campaign to get website owners to turn their website pink to show their support. If you haven’t looked yet, I added my own splash of pink to my site. Go learn more about Pink for October.

Facebook Postulate #1

Facebook Postulate: If it’s not in your Mini-Feed it never happened. Seriously, it’s like a tree falling in a forest. Your new friends and group membership don’t make a sound!

Did you know you can help recruiters?

Did you know you can help recruiters? You typically think of them as someone you need to know and you require in order to get a job. But what if you already have a job and aren’t looking to move? What if you have a network of upcoming or recent college graduates? Well, in that case you can do someone a favor! Why wouldn’t you?