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Hi! I’m Devin and I work at Smartsheet. I’m sensibly impulsive, consistently non-committal, and passionately impartial.

I’ll be at SXSWi 2008

For those of you who don’t speak nerd, I’m going to the South-by-Southwest Conference in Austin, TX on Friday (through Tuesday). I’ll be attending the ‘Interactive’ conference which is a lot of people from the internet who think they’re forward thinking, amazing individuals.

Never eat alone at work

Just don’t do it. Eating alone, though easier and more enjoyable sometimes (especially if you like yourself as much as I do) we should all do our best to become acquainted with the people at work.

Community Next bridges Silicon and silicone

Community Next is bridging Silicon Valley to the land of silicone with The Next Generation of Media and the Web happening Saturday, March 29 in West Hollywood. You may remember I’ve been pretty involved with Community Next and this one is going to be a neat twist on the original conferences: it’s not in the Bay, it’s in LA!

When you take a sick day…

…do you feel:

Do you set New Year’s resolutions?

I’ve stopped. I’m of the school of thought that a resolution is an excuse to make small steps towards big goals, and then give up because it was too lofty to begin with. Plus, why does it need to be done at the arbitrary beginning of a year?

Watching construction

There’s a multi-story office building going in right next to my light rail station. It’s about 7 stories tall and the structure is largely complete. The light rail stand is level with the third floor.

My 2007 in cities and celebrities

I wanted to reflect on a few of those fun things, places, people and memories that entered my life this year this year. With no hesitation I present my year in cities and celebrities:

Twitter is about me and you and you

When you sign up and join Twitter it’s about a lot of things. Some say it’s an ecosystem, it’s about the simplicity, it’s about the voyeurism, it’s communication porn and so on.

Google Docs and quick PDFs

If you’re looking to create a quick PDF you can simply copy and paste your document (or spreadsheet) into Google Docs and export it to a PDF. Neat, huh?

Track your goals for the day, week or resolutions

I’m a huge fan of simplicity; I’ve been working on de-cluttering, simplifying, and reducing the unnecessary in my life lately (which is why I’m in love with Zen Habits). I’ve started tracking the many things I want to do by using Joe’s Goals.