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Hi! I’m Devin and I work at Smartsheet. I’m sensibly impulsive, consistently non-committal, and passionately impartial.

Recent graduates: how to find work you love

My friend Charlie Hoehn just released a free ebook: Recession-Proof Graduate and it encompasses a lot of ideals that I’ve learned over the last few years.

Twitter is the new MySpace

I get a lot of good emails but Rachel made a great observation today:

MailChimp releases Analytics360° WordPress plugin

At Crowd Favorite, we often have the privilege of working with some very cool clients. These last few weeks we worked closely with MailChimp to help release a WordPress plugin called Analytics360°.

Dashboard view of the Analytics360 plugin
Dashboard view of the Analytics360 plugin

How to: merge existing GMail accounts

*If you’re like me you have a GMail account (something like [email protected]). But, one day, Google Apps came along and offered the opportunity for Google to host and act as your domains’ email provider. I immediately forwarded all my incoming email to and set up the domain on Google Apps. Then a year later, I decided to change my domain to, so I set up another Google Apps instance and started forwarding email there.</p> Now I had three GMail accounts, all with different email saved in them. Oh, and suddenly, Google Voice and Contacts appered on the scene. I realized I wanted go go back to my account. I had email all over the place.</em>

New site Hunch helps with decision making

I’ve been experimenting with a new site for the last month or two. Hunch is a new endeavor by some really smart folks (Flickr co-founder, SiteAdvisor folks, Ivy League individuals, etc.). The basic premise:

Cataloging reviews and bookmarks

In a prior effort to minimize my online activity I removed myself from using a lot of websites. Two of which I’ve come back to: Yelp and Delicious.

Free Google Voice calls with T-Mobile myFaves

The following violates the fine-print for the MyFaves plans and I do not suggest you break rules. As mentioned by Josiah in the comments, the following guide goes against this statement on T-Mobile’s website: “Your five numbers must be US domestic numbers and must not include … customers’ own numbers; and single numbers allowing access to 500 or more persons.”

Add Twitter Favorites to your site

Hint: if you’ve never used Twitter the following won’t make much sense to you.

Book Review: I Will Teach You To Be Rich

I was trying to come up with an attention-grabbing title for this book to make sure nobody skimmed past. Frankly, I couldn’t decide between “great personal finance book” or “the greatest personal finance book.” Then I realized, the title sells itself: Ramit Sethi will teach you to be rich.

Making naps popular

Ever since SXSW I’ve rethought a lot of what it is I’m doing, what my priorities are, etc. I’ve also noticed that every night I get home from work and I’m tired. Crazy huh? I also get hungry at lunch time.