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Hi! I’m Devin and I work at Smartsheet. I’m sensibly impulsive, consistently non-committal, and passionately impartial.

My job is to hold the umbrella

My job is to hold the umbrella so the shit from above doesn’t hit you. Your job is to keep me from having to use it.

People lie to the press

We’re doing the best we can, we’re fixing mistakes. But what happens is — people lie. And then they run to the press and tell people about this oppression, and they get their 15 minutes of fame. We don’t run to the press and say “this guy is a son of a bitch liar!” — we don’t do that.

I love downtime

Nothing frustrates people more than a website going down at the same time they’re in need of it’s services. Just look to twitter when Media Temple or Gmail experience unavailability; people lose their cool. Twitter was down so much that it accidentally popularized their growing pains via the fail whale.

Adding footnotes to Tumblr

Here’s a little known secret: you can add footnotes to a tumblr blog by switching your Account Preferences to use the Markdown[^1] editor. I looked at Marco’s blog[^2] and, after reviewing the markup, realized there had to be an automatic way to generate his footnote links. After extensive searching to no avail, I realized Markdown Extra[^3] has a few extra syntaxes (like footnotes). Nice!

Traveling with an iPad

Traveling with the iPad is great. I recently visited f8 and carried only the iPad in the Apple iPad Case (I was there for just the day). During the conference I could use it to pull up websites, twitter, email, and take notes; arguably the essential needs during a conference.

Multitasking during meetings

On multitasking during a conference call:

My low-information, low-focus diet

Nicholas Carr wrote a great article in WIRED about how the web may be destroying our focus and rewiring our brains to consume information quickly and superficially. Thus, leaving little room for deep knowledge and understanding. In fact, this paragraph may already be too long and you’ve already moved on.

You should read Sh*t My Dad Says

Most books I read are non-fiction and are related to technology, business, or life in general (much like this blog). The “Sh*t My Dad Says” book was a pleasantly-surprising story of Justin’s life with his irreverent and crass father. I was chuckling and laughing throughout the entire thing. It’s a quick read but if you’re looking for something light, I highly recommend it. It was the first book I read on the iPad using the iBooks app. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with the experience (but I still learn towards the Kindle as the better platform).

No. I will not fan you, your brand, or your blog

No. I will not fan you, your brand, or your blog. I find it funny that quasi-famous bloggers feel the need to create a Facebook ‘Fan’ page for themselves. Sure, many people are well-respected, followed by hundreds of thousands of individuals, and want to interact with them all (Matt Mullenweg and Gary V), but the majority of you do not; a few hundred or few thousand ‘fans’ are worthless (prove me wrong?). Jeff may disagree, but I see no purpose in becoming a ‘fan’ of a friend’s blog, or their brand, or their product, or whatever on Facebook. That only serves that individual’s own ego and their desire to grow some metric that rarely translates to value (monetary, goodwill, etc.). Social media: don’t just do it because everyone else is. (I realize this is not new thinking, but I wanted to publish it so my stance is clear. Feel free to point your friends here when you get a ‘Fan’ request.)

The internet looks better in portrait

If you didn’t know, I recently bought an iPad for myself. Yeah yeah, act surprised. I love it and I knew I would. In fact, I’m authoring this post on it using the WordPress iPad app.