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Hi! I’m Devin and I work at Smartsheet. I’m sensibly impulsive, consistently non-committal, and passionately impartial.

“Background Send Feature” in Gmail

Gmail has added a feature that returns you to the previous screen *immediately* upon pressing send. This means no more waiting until that message is *actually* sent and I love this. The idea is simple and is certainly pervasive in desktop applications: have your interface respond as if the action the user has taken has fully completed, no matter what else needs to happen behind the scenes. By adding the “Background Send” feature to Labs, the user has a faster experience and any delay is pushed out from the interface (which would potentially prevent further user interaction). Speaking from experience, this newly perceived fraction-of-a-second can be the difference between the “feel” that a web application is usable and on-par with a native application experience.

The power of Time Machine, Dropbox, and Subversion

I’ve been testing a certain unreleased [operating system]( for the past month or two and I’ve been largely pleased. That was until I ran into a nasty little bug (which has been documented to happen on Snow Leopard, too). It goes like this:

Lame ways to close an email

Over the past few years I’ve been surprised by the ways people chose to close an email. I’m not sure if everyone is aware how a few simple words can completely destroy whatever content proceeded it.

WWDC 2011 already sold out, papers might report

I’m betting “Apple’s WWDC 2011 Announced Yesterday But Sold Out As We Went to Press” is not likely to be a headline found in my local news’ Business & Technology section this morning.

SXSW Interactive is like a college, not a conference

Theory: why mirrored display is now available for iPad

On the latest episodes of Hypercritical and The Talk Show, both John Siracusa and John Gruber, respectively, pondered the latest Apple iPad feature: video mirroring.

The supposed wisdom of the crowds

A clever crowdI enjoy watching people think they’re smarter than those around them. I don’t just mean the wise guy in the kick-off meeting or the blowhard in the First Class cabin. I enjoy watching this behavior magnified in large groups. 

Sync bookmarks across browsers and iOS devices

You may not know this about me but I like to experiment with technology. I try different things in order to better an aspect of my life, no matter how minor. This is one of those examples…

Why I secure passwords with SuperGenPass

There’s been a lot of talk about security, passwords, and authentication. As we put more about us online, our passwords become ever so important. Everything from banking to commerce, friendships to resumes, and even our day jobs require passwords.

Would you rent a computer for $100/month?

Since the most recent MacBook Air was announced, like any self-respecting nerd, I’ve been running some numbers.