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Hi! I’m Devin and I work at Mozilla. I’m sensibly impulsive, consistently non-committal, and passionately impartial.

Make it Blue, Make it Red, Make it…

Filed under “saying what everyone else is thinking” for future reference.


“The Home of Creative Living”. Let me be the first to say I’m very excited for Brit Morin to be the new Martha Stewart. Following her site for the last year has been a treat for a new home owner. This new site is going to be a must-visit.

PROTECT IP Act Breaks the Internet

In case you haven’t seen what the U.S. Congress is working on lately (hint: not creating jobs, not fixing the economy) in between voting to make sure the nation’s motto is still “In God We Trust”, please watch this video.

Jian Sword Dancing

I don’t know why but I can’t stop watching this video. I think this YouTube comment best summed it up: “Napoleon Dynamite meets Kill Bill meets Flashdance.” (via kottke)

Mindfire: Download free for 48 hours

Scott Berkun’s latest book is available for download for free over the next day or so. He’s a great author (Making Things Happen is a must-read for project managers) and moving into the self-publishing realm. Spread the word and support good books!

WordPress Post Formats Admin UI

I’m pretty excited to see the Post Formats plugin (from the team at Crowd Favorite) released. I’ve been using it for a bit now on my blogs since it’s integrated into my new FavePersonal theme. I hope to see this get traction in the community…

Live Bats!

This is a treat: every fall Rob Mies, the director of the Organization for Bat Conservation, visits the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and brings some bats with him. They’re misunderstood (they’re a cornerstone in many ecosystems as they eat insects, pollenate, and spread seeds) and actually kinda cute. This gal, a flying fox bat, is almost 3 feet tall.

2011/2012 Opening Dates for Ski Resorts in Colorado

It’s about time to start thinking about snow and skiing here in Colorado. I’ve started warming up the Colorado Snow blog accordingly with an overview of all opening dates across the state. If you ski or snowboard, this is your source for everything of interest.

6th Annual Denver Zombie Crawl

This weekend is the 6th annual Zombie Crawl here in Denver. @dannynewman has done a great job organizing such a big event. It continues to set world records. Its a ton of fun to come watch, participate, dress up, wear gross makeup and very family-friendly. Check out the site and we’ll see you there on Saturday.

Commit Logs From Last Night

We at Crowd Favorite get email notifications for every commit in the company. This leads to some fairly entertaining commit messages coming across. Mine typically consist of “oops, forgot semicolon” just because I don’t know what I’m doing. I can see how this site could take off pretty quickly in the developer community. (via @kottke)