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Hi! I’m Devin and I work at Mozilla. I’m sensibly impulsive, consistently non-committal, and passionately impartial.

Google’s Executive personalities make me uneasy

I’ve been a bit bearish on Google lately and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Not to join in on any kind of pile-on, but I think I’ve figured out my unease: the awkward, stupid things the people over at Google say (and how they say it).

Little Girl Upset About Pink Toys

I almost had this exact conversation with Rachel a few months back as she was picking out a new snowboard and bindings that could match her style, outfit, preferences, etc: black and red, not pink and white. (found on Jezebel via Stellar and Sheryl Sandberg)

The “Tebow”ne Shot

If you’ve watched any football lately you’d know we and the media all love Tim Tebow and his on-field down-on-one-knee prayers during the games.


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Join the Electronic Frontier Foundation today to make your donation go further

If you become an EFF member today your donation will get a 4x Power Up (donor matched contribution). If you’ve never heard of the EFF, they’re the leading organization defending civil liberties in the digital world.

Address Is Approximate


VERY funny little iPhone. Now stop auto-correcting…

VERY funny little iPhone. Now stop auto-correcting my last name to “Creams”. Devin does not cream…

WordCamp Orlando 2011

Alex and I are headed to the warm land of Florida this Friday to attend and participate in WordCamp Orlando. The sessions look great and the folks organizing it have done a good job in the past. I’m looking forward to the conference.

Introducing Annotum: a scholarly publishing platform built on WordPress

Today Google announced some “out of season” spring cleaning: they will be closing Google Knol next May. Knol was originally created “to help improve web content by enabling experts to collaborate on in-depth articles”.

Netflix to resurrect Arrested Development in 2013 as part of content play

From Drew Olanoff at The Next Web: