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  1. My beautiful bride made her first Git commit on GitHub today! We are collaborating!

  2. The End of Chapter 1: my fond farewell to Crowd Favorite

    I don’t think I’ve shared this much about “what I do for work” with many folks. So here we go… Chapter 1: Alex King and Crowd Favorite1 I met Alex a few times at various tech events in the area (BarCamp Denver in 2006, Startup Weekend in 2007). We both became familiar with each other…

  3. Made it to Philadelphia for the Digital PM Summit. What should I see or do while here, friends?

  4. Guys! I write so many more emails with exclamation marks in them on Fridays! Who’s excited?!

  5. I really like the phrase “Outstanding Invoices”. It’s almost like they’re better than the other invoices…

  6. Some of my favorite email subject lines:
    “(no subject)”

  7. That feeling when you realize your wife left for work with your laptop bag in her car. #iPadDay?

  8. Is there an email client that says: before sending this reply, “change the subject to be different”? Why are people breaking my threads?

  9. Digital PM Summit 2013 →

    I’m excited to attend the upcoming Digital PM Summit, produced by the smart guys at Happy Cog (Greg Hoy and Greg Storey) for digital project managers. I’ve seen presentations by and met a number of Happy Cog folks at conferences like SXSW and it’s clear they do great work.

    Having taken on a larger project management role at Crowd Favorite, I realize I should try to continue my ‘education’ — this is sometimes more challenging in an industry where there is no shortage of highly technical resources online but not a ton about the nuance of managing clients, setting expectations, and so on. The speaker line-up suggests I will walk away with plenty to think about and am excited to chat with other like-minded folks…