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  1. Guys! I write so many more emails with exclamation marks in them on Fridays! Who’s excited?!

  2. Does Kit Kat pay Google for the product placement? Or Google pay Kit Kat for the licensing?

  3. I really like the phrase “Outstanding Invoices”. It’s almost like they’re better than the other invoices…

  4. Three things taught incorrectly in business school

    Having graduated college nearly six years now its interesting to look back at some of my underlying assumptions and teachings. There are three that I think anyone would agree are consistently applied at schools all over the United States (and perhaps the world) and I find myself disagreeing with them more and more lately. Business…

  5. Some of my favorite email subject lines:
    “(no subject)”

  6. “Play your own game” by the Delighted team →

    This is the concise series of points I wish one of my drafts had become (after chatting with and listening to folks from Voce Platforms, 10up, WebDevStudios, and many others):

    There’s no limit on the number of companies that can be successful, because there isn’t a universal definition of success. Some companies strive for the lowest prices, others to provide the most jobs, some to be the most efficient, and some strive for the highest possible quality. There are endless possible combinations. And that is a great thing to be celebrated.

    Well said. The entire thing is a great read.

  7. My Biggest Take-Aways from WordCamp San Francisco 2013

    Devin Reams, Alex King, Shane Pearlman at dinner with WP Engine

    My biggest take-aways from WordCamp San Francisco 2013 were: 2 water bottles 4 t-shirts 10 stickers 2 pair of sunglasses …but seriously, the sessions I attended were great and I was able to see the direction that the WordPress project and community are headed. All while having some serious (and fun) discussions (with beverages). Here…

  8. That feeling when you realize your wife left for work with your laptop bag in her car. #iPadDay?

  9. Is there an email client that says: before sending this reply, “change the subject to be different”? Why are people breaking my threads?