Anti-Annoy Legislation

Everyone is going crazy over the new anti-annoying law. First off, people will read a quick excerpt and conclude that this legislation was intended soley for the purpose of getting rid of ?annoying anonymous? comments online. As the original article points out, this was one of those ?just slipped it in? laws that became part of the entire act. In any case, this is hardly surprising. Besides, we all, or should all know by now that anything can be passed into law. Just wait until it hits court; that?s when constitutionality will be decided. Can I also point out in order for this to be passed the Senate and House had to vote on it? So I guess what I?m saying is, the ignorant president bashing can promptly end now. In any case, I don?t think allowing bloggers to post anonymous comments is the issue at hand here. I think any court would say ?no?, Steve.